Don’t keep company philanthropy a secret

Don’t keep it a secret… When your company participates in charitable events organized by local or national non-profits, let people know.  In the best case scenario, it will lead to others following your lead and, possibly, additional unplanned positive media coverage.

This happened at NJ MET recently when I was interviewed by NJBiz, a New Jersey business publication and website.  The story was a positive profile on NJ MET’s philanthropy and our work in detecting possible counterfeit electronic components. The headline of the article: “NJMET Feels It Profits Most from Its Philanthropy” highlighted our charitable efforts, but the article covered both our core mission and our charitable work.  It was a big plus for NJ MET.

How did NJBiz know about our charitable efforts? I don’t know for certain but assume that our own public relations played a role.

The article was a triple win.  Being recognized in the press for our charitable efforts, raised awareness of the charities we were helping and it improved morale among our staff.  In addition, it was an opportunity to talk about our electronic component testing services and consulting work that are important to both our clients and our corporate brand.


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