Running a Charity Drive in the Office

At NJMET, we run a number of charity drives during the year.  We have found it best to link these drives to specific holiday seasons.  We run a food drive in the weeks before Thanksgiving and a toy drive during December.    We also run drives to donate personal care items and candy during the winter and early spring.

We’ve learned some keys to success in running these drives, namely:

  • Pick a local organization to be the beneficiary of the donations.
  • Invite your employees, clients, vendors, and neighbors to participate by publicizing the drive using signs around the office and e-mail messages.
  • Restrict the collection time to a week or two at most.

You can find more information on running a successful drive on many sites on the Web.  On of them,  MEND’s website, has plans for both food drives and toy drives that can be adapted for any type of drive.

Here are links to information about some of our recent drives:

Annual Thanksgiving Drive for Eva’s Kitchen and The Oasis Haven for Women and Children of Paterson, NJ

Continuing Support for Sri Lankan Refugees 


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