A source of new fundraising ideas

I have been in charge of charitable giving at our company, NJ MET for more than 20 years.  At our company, like many others, charitable giving is part direct contributions from the company and part employee fundraising.  Our employees are incredibly supportive of our fund raising efforts.  Still, it takes some creativity to keep the staff enthusiastic.

Most of NJMET’s charitable events each year are repeats – we know the work, they take less effort and our staff looks forward to them.  It is important to mix in some new ideas as well, to add a little excitement to the program.

The internet is a great source of ideas for charitable events.  Many corporations and the recipient non-profit organizations list their events on their website.  Some even provide a list of corporate fundraising ideas.  Here is a link to an interesting list of ideas for how corporations can help non-profits, some of which are very creative.  It is from a hospital in Great Britain but most of the ideas can be modified for other countries and other charities.



Charity Activities Help All Year Long

Most corporate charitable contributions take place in December.  This is no surprise; it happens for the same reasons personal giving shoots up at the end of the year: holiday inspired giving and the December 31 tax deadline.  Yet, a tax deduction is only one of the benefits of corporate donations.  These donations can also contribute to the company’s overall marketing campaign while boosting employee morale.  Involving employees in the process can also provide an opportunity to increase worker self-confidence and have workers exercise their leadership skills.

Forbes recently published an excellent article on how to use charitable giving to support  marketing plans and boost office morale.  You can find it here:(http://www.forbes.com/sites/drewhendricks/2013/12/18/how-charitable-giving-can-boost-office-morale-while-helping-the-community/).  The suggestions in the article include ideas on choosing the right cause to promote and promoting employee involvement.  The suggestions in the article are all relatively easy to implement at both large and small companies but they do take a little planning.

Don’t wait to make your company donations until next December.  Plan now and maximize the benefits to your company and employees.


I have promoted NJ MET’s charity program for the past 15 years.  At our company, like many others, charitable giving is part direct contributions from the company and part employee and customer fundraising.  Our employees and customers are incredibly supportive of our fund raising efforts. 

I believe that corporate charity programs are important for lots of reasons – helping the community, increasing employee morale, developing employees’ leadership skills, are just a few.  Corporate charity is a great example of doing well by doing good.

I hope to encourage other businesses to embark on, or expand, their own charity programs by sharing ideas and suggestions on how to make a program work.  I’ll include specific activities that have worked at NJ MET as well as point to creative ideas from across the internet.