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Sri Lanka Aid Started with a Small Gesture

NJ MET’s annual drives to aid people in Sri Lanka began over six years ago with an small personal gesture of gathering some toiletries and packaged items from my travels. Now NJ MET’s staff and clients send over 75 pounds of clothes, pencils, notebooks, and toiletries to Sri Lanka each year.

Residents of Sri Lanka suffered a devastating tsunami in 2004 and have struggled through over 20 years of civil war. The aid is sent to the Religious Sisters of Charity who distribute the items personally.  This way we know the items reach individuals and families.  Plus, we can receive feedback on what works and what doesn’t work.  Last year we added some candy and now –based on the response from Sri Lanka — it has become a regular part of the drive.

We are considering adding a mini toy drive to the candy drive.  Also, I am planning on personally delivering one of our shipments of supplies to Sri Lanka sometime in the next few years.

If you are in the northern New Jersey area and would like to contribute supplies, please drop them by the NJ MET office at 1240 Main Avenue in Clifton, NJ.  If you have any questions about the drive, please give me a call at NJ MET (973) 546-5393.

To read more about NJ MET’s efforts in Sri Lanka read this profile on NorthJersey.com: Wayne resident combines big heart with a faith to help others less fortunate.  For more information about NJ MET’s charitable activities, click here.